Bspok presents a complete, outsourced solution to interiors for semi-custom homes that provides a cohesive, custom look for each home and the community as a whole; while also providing participating builders a predictable budget and a complete set of organized, sortable specifications within a few short weeks.


"Interiors SELL homes... every home is a model home until it's closed and locked."


DLD dismantled the process of specifying finishes for developer homes, detailing the pitfalls and road bumps and discovered that automation would result in both a better process and a better outcome.

Our proprietary software allows us to create completely custom correct, concise specifications that can be sorted and filtered by vendor, room, product type, or house part and then handed to procurement and subcontractors -  a complete recipe for building the home.

The Bspok team constantly sources new + innovative products that meet our strict quality standards while also meeting our stringent value proposition.   Design can take place at the DLD Studio or we can set up an on-site design center at your project. 



 - A complete set of home specifications including measurements, SKUs, vendors, pricing and thumbnail images of each product, sortable by house part, vendor, etc; 

 - electrical and plumbing schematics (your electrician WILL know where to hang those bathroom sconces); 

 - color renderings + mood boards allowing our homeowners or selling agents to really picture the design of each individually designed home; 

 - a revised decorative lighting plan;

 - reviewed and revised cabinet CADs; and

 - and all of these materials either delivered within a few weeks to the builder with homeowner sign off or to the selling agent as a complete sales tool.


Our process feels a lot like a trip to the genius bar at an Apple store. Clean, elegant and simplified. No shiny-object-syndrome inducing trips to a glitzy showroom here. We give each homeowner the look s/he desires - all in budget and with a minimum of anxiety. 

We pull out all the tools of the trade to pull together a completely individually designed, custom home for each homeowner and speculative homes.  No two homes are alike. 

When we meet with homeowners, we download their desires and automate the legwork to complete sign-off within a few short meetings, giving the homeowner the personal attention they desire without slowing the process. 



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