We're looking for an awesome Design intern to join our team. if you fit the description, we'd love to hear from you!

- You have excellent references (I don’t care if they are from a top-notch design firm, your professor or your last babysitting gig….I want to know your work ethic, ability to problem solve, team building capabilities, etc. This is about WHO you are not what you have done).

- Your attention to detail is exceptional. I need someone to cross my t’s and dot my i’s.

- You love to problem solve/learn something new because I will ask you to “figure out how to x, y or z” and I will not have the first clue how to do it. So you will be resourceful, willing to search around, try it out and fail (which is ok in my book as long as you learn something).

- You are willing to work hard (and yes, there will be time to play hard too) but hours may be somewhat erratic.

- You have experience with some type of design rendering software.

- You have a good eye for balance and proportion and have an adaptable design aesthetic.

- You are client focused – meaning you LIKE people, are willing to always assume the best of them and be patient and communicate until we work together to resolve any questions/issues.

- You are trustworthy and honest – this should have been number one on my list. You own your mistakes. No passive-aggressive behavior with me or clients.

- You are committed to finding a great position with a cool company and growing with the company long term.